California Native Plant Society

Yerba Buena Chapter
Native plants are kind of a big deal. Adapted to local conditions and providing habitat suitable for native wildlife, they are the basis for a healthily functioning, resilient ecosystem. The sum of robust local communities across a landscape creates what scientists refer to as biodiversity. Having so many distinct species increases the chances that our environment will be able to adapt in the face of change (e.g. a tree blight, drought or climate change).

Non-native species, often introduced as ornamentals in plant nurseries or for a desirable characteristic such as fast growth (think ground cover or wind breaks), are among the largest threats to native species.
The California Native Plant Society is working to support native species by saving their seeds and promoting their use in local landscaping. The Yerba Buena Chapter spearheads this nonprofit’s work in San Francisco and northern San Mateo Counties. The Society sells native seed stock, which promotes native species while providing a funding source for the organization. The group also organizes field trips to view species and arranges for speakers to talk about them. Learn more about acquiring and planting natives at the Yerba Buena Chapter’s website.