California Native Plant Society

Santa Clara Valley Chapter
Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is kind of a big deal. Watching Earth’s plant and animal species vanishing at ever-increasing rates does not bode well for our own survival (plants and animals are our only food sources, after all). To maintain biodiversity, we must preserve as many individual species as possible. That means protecting native plants. Adapted to specific environments, these species can be particularly vulnerable to habitat stresses such as climate change and competition from introduced species (think iceplant and eucalyptus).

So, support your local native plant nursery: the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the California Native Plant Society. By conserving rare plant species, promoting native plant saving legislation, restoring impaired ecosystems, educating the public and promoting plants that were meant to grow on the Peninsula, this nonprofit is taking a big step in the right direction. Check in with the California Native Plant Society’s Santa Clara Valley Chapter via the website ( to find out about field and restoration trips, native plant sales and volunteer opportunities.