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Bay Area Puma Project

Mountain lions are some of the most iconic animals in the western hemisphere. But while we make plenty of room for them in our cultural imagery, we don’t always consider them when planning our landscapes. Mountain lions, or pumas, are rather shy apex predators that require a lot of space.

Bay Area Ridge Trail Council

Wouldn’t it be nice if our world were a little more pedestrian friendly? With freeways, suburbs, and train tracks crisscrossing the landscape, it’s hard to get anywhere without four wheels and an engine. Luckily that reality may be shifting, albeit slowly. One organization giving the anti-walking status quo a big run for its money is the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council.

California Native Plant Society

Santa Clara Valley Chapter Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is kind of a big deal. Watching Earth’s plant and animal species vanishing at ever-increasing rates does not bode well for our own survival (plants and animals are our only food sources, after all).

California Native Plant Society

Yerba Buena Chapter: Native plants are kind of a big deal. The Yerba Buena Chapter of CNPS exists to encourage their proliferation in San Francisco and northern San Mateo counties, thereby supporting a healthily functioning, resilient ecosystem.

Coastside Land Trust

The San Mateo County coastline is remarkably beautiful. Just over the Santa Cruz Mountains from the Peninsula’s urban corridor, it’s a near-instant–access playground for Silicon Valley techies and San Francisco foodies alike. Unfortunately playgrounds, even natural ones, don’t maintain themselves.

Coastside State Parks Association

Sure, California’s crowded, but with so many state and national parks and open spaces it can be easy to forget. There are 15 state parks along the San Mateo County coast between Año Nuevo and Gray Whale Cove alone; and that's only 36 miles! This is an incredible number of protected places along an equally incredible stretch of coastline. But parks don’t clean themselves. So how does the state afford to maintain them all?

Committee for Green Foothills

No one has rolling green hills quite like California has rolling green hills. These grassy knolls have even achieved pop culture status as the iconic screensaver of Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system. That’s a pretty impressive achievement for a landscape feature. So it’s no surprise that their stunning original beauty has impassioned folks to make sure they are around for a long, long time.

Friends of Edgewood Natural Preserve

A chunk of green space creeping east of the Highway 280 corridor, Edgewood County Park and Natural Preserve is an assemblage of oak groves scattered across rolling serpentine grasslands. Exploring the meandering trail system is a treat year-round, but the spring wildflowers are known as the real showstoppers.

Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

Tooling around in the great green out-of-doors is increasingly important in a concrete world ruled by screens. In the heart of San Jose’s cityscape, local residents and workers find a quick path to peace in the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens. A 2.6-mile river walk with gardens, playgrounds, park benches and public art greet the intrepid city adventures who enter here.

Marine Science Institute

A lot of environmentalists and environmental scientists attribute the passion fueling their work to meaningful childhood experiences. Catching tadpoles, poking around tidepools or sleeping out under the stars can lead to a lifetime of good decisions.