Los Gatos

Purple Haze: Los Gatos Wildflower Tromp

This right here would be your blue dick. Yeah, we think it's kind of funny too. Lots of these in St. Joseph's Hill OSP right now.

One of the best wildflower hikes in Santa Clara Valley yields a profusion of blossoms in shades of violet and blue.

Sierra Azul

Silicon Valley seen from Bald Mountain. Photo by Diane Main/CC.

Beautiful and rugged chaparral mountains surrounding Mt. Umunhum.

At Home on Sierra Azul’s Priest Rock Trail

The Priest Rock Trail to the 3,000-foot summit of Mt. El Sombroso in the Sierra Azul Open Space Reserve leads to great views of Los Gatos and the South Bay Area.

Hiking Through Quicksilver and ‘The Legend of New Almaden’

The remains of the April Tunnel Trestle.

This story begins with a mysterious mural—153 square feet of bizarre suffering and eerie salvation. From the upper left corner, a demon with legs like coiled springs descends upon men in loincloths.