mountain biking

The Old Cabin Classic Returns

Woodblock print by Campbell Steers

Registration opens March 21 for the first mountain bike race at Wilder Ranch State Park in over 20 years.

10 Reasons to Start Mountain Biking

Reason #11: getting cornered. Kevin Pritchard photo.

Reason #6: To be 7 years old again.

Riding The Flow Trail With A Builder

Trailbuilder Matt De Young takes a corner on his baby. The Flow Trail was completed in March 2015. Bruce Dorman photo.

For those who helped construct the Flow Trail at Soquel Demonstration State Forest, riding it is a rowdy trip down memory lane.

Mockingbird Loop Trail

Photo by Jeremy Zawodny/CC.

A pretty loop on the park's north side that climbs to a ridge and back down.

Peters Creek Trail to Long Ridge Road Loop

The stunning view of the Santa Cruz Mountains all the way down to the Pacific Ocean from Long Ridge Road.

4.6 miles; 2.5 hours on foot; moderate
Peters Creek Trail —> Long Ridge Road —> Long Ridge Trail

This (literally) awesome loop offers spectacular vistas, redwood forest and even a pretty little ridgetop pond.

Gordon Mill Trail

Happily, there is shade and plenty of scenery on Gordon Mill Trail in El Corte de Madera Open Space Preserve. Photo by L. Clark Tate.

A relatively easy-to-follow, wide-open dirt road diving deep into mountainside forests.

Tafoni Trail Loop

Tafoni is fragile, so look but don't touch! Photo by L. Clark Tate.

See a plane crash memorial, ocean view, and remarkable sandstone formation on just one walk through the woods.

Long Ridge Open Space Preserve

Long Ridge Road has plenty of room for hikers and mountain bikers. Hannah Moore photo.

Literally awesome. Seriously.

Skyline Ridge

Horseshoe Lake at Skyline Ridge. Photo by Graham Haworth.

Choose a tough, scenic hike or a kid-friendly stroll.

El Corte de Madera

El Corte de Madera is a mountain-biking paradise located just west of the spine of the Santa Cruz Mountains, off Skyline Boulevard. Photo by Jawed Karim/CC.

MTB mecca off Skyline Boulevard.