Gear Philosophy

Eric's epically weathered bike. L. Clark Tate photo.

Our super-official, semi-philosophical gear review policy.

Field Tested: Boosted Board

Yes, you can bomb uphill on a Boosted.

Fast, easy, familiar electric boarding.

Field Tested: OneWheel

Clark carving.

The first self-balancing electric skateboard.

Danner Light II Hiking Boot

USA crafted awesomeness.

Rapa Nui 2

Lightweight minimalism revisited.

Sessions Lumber Jack-ette

For women who ride.

Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Pack

Dehydration is one way to ruin your day.

O’Neill Psycho 3

TechnoButter 2 sounds like something you might get covered in at a rave. It’s not.

Volagi Endurance Bikes

The curved tubes of Volagi's Longbow Flex design give this steel-frame Viaje an organic look.

Beauty, performance and versatility.

Orion ShoreView

Indestructible, inexpensive super-vision glasses.