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Summer Solstice at a California Stonehenge

Jackson Masters watches the solstice sun rise through the Avenue of the Sun.

A journey to the Avenue of the Sun, and evidence that the great oak forests of California are largely the product of thousands of years of Ohlone tree husbandry.

10 Backpacking Tips for City Slickers

Ah, the simple joy of seeing your hipster friends enjoying the outdoors, without you having endangered their lives. Photo by Kelsey Farabee.

Tips for taking your most citified friends into the wild for the first time.

The Many Veils of Pinto Lake

A veil of tule reeds have encircled Pinto Lake for hundreds of years.

A murder, a discovery, a holy visitation and 400 years of history.

The Truth About Whale Rescues

Want to watch more whale-rescue videos? Donate today to the Monterey Bay-based Whale Entanglement Team.

by Doug Ross

5 Great Wildflower Hikes in the South Bay

Globe lilies in great numbers adorn the Corral and Forest trails in Henry Coe.

It's National Wildflower Week! That means it's time to check out the native blooms that are going off in spite of this tedious drought.

Don’t Know Anything: Seven Days of Ventana Zen

View from the bath house at the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center.

A journey to the Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery, the Esselen 'Hand' shelters, and the heart of the dharma in the Ventana Wilderness

Epic Earth Day in Sunnyvale

Carefully fitted free helmets were distributed to hundreds of kids.

Hilltromper staff

A Bouquet of Nature at Russian Ridge

Tidy tips are recognized by their white outer edges.

A "Bouquet of Flowers" hike at Russian Ridge includes spring wildflowers, birds, butterflies and all the best parts of nature.

Meet The John Nicholas Trail

The crowd was rarin' to get that ribbon cut and try out the trail.

The all-new 7-mile multi-use trail links lofty Skyline to lower Sanborn County Park.

Pico Blanco: Bushwhacking to Big Sur’s Sacred Peak

Lupine bloom below Pico Blanco.

Above the forbidden pastures of El Sur Ranch, Pico Blanco rises from the backcountry of Big Sur like the nosecone of an ancient spaceship. Early morning fog shifts around the limestone peak like pre-launch exhaust. It appears poised to lift into the calm, blue atmosphere.