Bay Area Ridge Trail Council

Wouldn’t it be nice if our world were a little more pedestrian friendly? With freeways, suburbs, and train tracks crisscrossing the landscape, it’s hard to get anywhere without four wheels and an engine. Luckily that reality may be shifting, albeit slowly. One organization giving the anti-walking status quo a big run for its money is the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council.

The Council envisions a multi-use trail (i.e. foot-, mountain bike- and equestrian-friendly) wrapping all the way around the San Pablo and San Francisco Bays. The 550-mile route will work its way along the spine of the Santa Cruz Mountains; across the Golden Gate Bridge to Bolinas Ridge; east to Sonoma, Mount Saint Helena and Napa Valley; and finally south past Contra Costa and Alameda to Gilroy. As of May 2015, 360 miles of the path are available to adventurers. Find out more about the project’s progress and how you can help at the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council website.