Waterfall Loop and Contour Trail

Follow Swanson's Creek past beautiful waterfalls under dense forest canopy.

3 mile loop; moderate

The jewel of Uvas Canyon County Park, The Waterfall Loop and Contour Trail extension have visitors following the Swanson Creek as it meanders through stone and fallen trees then pours over steep rock faces the water has been carving away at for years. The Waterfall loop alone offers visitors an easy 1-mile stroll through the parks lower region, complete with plenty of stream and waterfalls. Grab a pamphlet and increase you natural history knowledge on the self-guided tour.

The Contour Trail will reward those willing to go a bit further. Steep in some places, this trail narrows as you wind past the memorable Basin and Upper Falls. As you rise above the lush and humid canyon floor, you’ll walk near the ridgeline and enjoy rolling trails and views of the valley below before returning to the park entrance. None of these spectacular sites come easy though, be prepared to pay for the scenery with sweat.

—Christian Yungert

Uvas Canyon County Park