Seal Adventures at Año Nuevo


Sat, 01/30/2016 - 08:30

A once-a-year opportunity for extraordinary access to elephant seals during pupping and mating season at Año Nuevo State Park. Avid nature photographers and families get a guided four-mile walk across bluff trails and sand dunes to the viewing area overlooking the beach, packed with hundreds of seals, on a luxurious three-and-a-half-hour schedule. Do not forget the binoculars and cameras! Two sessions each day: 8:30am-noon and 1:30-5pm. All proceeds benefit the Coastside State Parks Association, which funds interpretive programs at Ano Nuevo. $60 fee does not include $10 parking. For information visit Coastside State Parks Association. You can buy tickets here. Tickets limited to 100 people per half-day session.

Ano Nuevo State Park. Saturday, Jan. 30 and Sunday, Jan. 31, 8:30am-noon and 1:30-5pm. $60 fee, $10 parking.

Photo by Mike Baird / Creative Commons