Tafoni Trail Loop

Tafoni is fragile, so look but don't touch! Photo by L. Clark Tate.

See a plane crash memorial, ocean view, and remarkable sandstone formation on just one walk through the woods.

Tarwater Trail via Pescadero Creek Park

Big trees galore on the Tarwater Trail. Clark Tate photo.

A nearly 5-mile hike featuring gas and oil deposits, a dairy farm and one of the largest redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Butano Ridge Loop Trail

Butano redwoods. Photo by Chmee2 / CC

A journey hike (i.e. a hike bereft of climatic destination) the Butano Ridge Loop is an excellent mediation on the consistent beauty of Santa Cruz Mountain forests.

A Bouquet of Nature at Russian Ridge

Tidy tips are recognized by their white outer edges.

A "Bouquet of Flowers" hike at Russian Ridge includes spring wildflowers, birds, butterflies and all the best parts of nature.

Rancho San Antonio

On Sunday afternoons, trails in the lower section of the park double as community promenade. Traci Hukill photo.

Maybe the Peninsula's most beloved park.

Chamise Trail at Rancho San Antonio

Chamise Trail in its best spring outfit.

The northernmost trail at Rancho San Antonio park in Silicon Valley climbs 1000 feet in 9.2 miles and traverses chaparral, oak woodland and beautiful meadows.

Butano State Park

A creek crossing on Mill Ox Trail. Kelsey Farabee photo.

Redwood camping near the coast.

Pescadero Creek Park

Mule's ear at Pescadero Creek County Park. Photo by Miguel Vieira/CC.

Remote redwood hikes and trail camps.

Long Ridge Open Space Preserve

Long Ridge Road has plenty of room for hikers and mountain bikers. Hannah Moore photo.

Literally awesome. Seriously.

Skyline Ridge

Horseshoe Lake at Skyline Ridge. Photo by Graham Haworth.

Choose a tough, scenic hike or a kid-friendly stroll.