horseback riding

Calero County Park

Amazing but true: Calero County Park has ponds and a reservoir. Brendan Bane photo.

Hikers, horses and boaters welcome.

Deep Gulch Trail

The remains of an old church, a schoolhouse and a mining office make English Camp a picturesque destination. Photo by Eugene Zelenko/CC.

A steep but short climb to English Camp, home to the mine's English-speaking population.

A Piece of the Bay Area Ridge Trail

Classic vista from a piece of the Bay Area Ridge Trail in the Long Ridge Open Space Preserve.

This short out-and-back hike starts from the Grizzly Flat parking area, and is great for dog-walking and horseback riding.

Gordon Mill Trail

Happily, there is shade and plenty of scenery on Gordon Mill Trail in El Corte de Madera Open Space Preserve. Photo by L. Clark Tate.

A relatively easy-to-follow, wide-open dirt road diving deep into mountainside forests.

Tafoni Trail Loop

Tafoni is fragile, so look but don't touch! Photo by L. Clark Tate.

See a plane crash memorial, ocean view, and remarkable sandstone formation on just one walk through the woods.

Pescadero Creek Park

Mule's ear at Pescadero Creek County Park. Photo by Miguel Vieira/CC.

Remote redwood hikes and trail camps.

Skyline Ridge

Horseshoe Lake at Skyline Ridge. Photo by Graham Haworth.

Choose a tough, scenic hike or a kid-friendly stroll.

Almaden Quicksilver

The Senador Mine Trail at Almaden Quicksilver. Photo by Don DeBold/CC.

Hike through historic mine country.

Crystal Springs Trail

The Crystal Springs Trail gives the best view of the Peninsula. Kelsey Farabee photo.

Fifteen miles of Peninsula pretty.

Ed Levin Calera Creek Agua Caliente

A steep section of Calera Creek Trail in Ed Levin Park. Hilltromper photo.

Calera Creek Trail to Agua Caliente Trail to the park border and back
4 miles; 1 hr by bike; 640 ft elev. gain; strenuous but short