Waterfall Loop and Contour Trail

Follow Swanson Creek up the canyon on the Contour Trail. Photo by Christian Yungert.

Follow Swanson's Creek past beautiful waterfalls under dense forest canopy.

Big Tree Trail

The fire road on the way to the Big Tree. Photo by L. Clark Tate.

A short but steep roadside trail looping through some of the park's most impressive trees.

Wood Road Trail

Mt. Umunhum is visible from this trail. Photo by Elf / CC

All great hikes begin with an aged installation of mining machinery… right?

Candelabra Tree Trail

The multiple trunks growing from the same base trunk give the Candelabra Tree its name. Photo by Rosanna Petralia.

In the mood to search for an incredible multi-trunked old growth redwood tree? You’re in luck!

Mine Hill Trail

Mine Hill Trail. Photo by Eugene Zelenko

See a view of the surrounding cities from a hill that time has forgotten.

Gordon Mill Trail

Happily, there is shade and plenty of scenery on Gordon Mill Trail in El Corte de Madera Open Space Preserve. Photo by L. Clark Tate.

A relatively easy-to-follow, wide-open dirt road diving deep into mountainside forests.

Tafoni Trail Loop

Tafoni is fragile, so look but don't touch! Photo by L. Clark Tate.

See a plane crash memorial, ocean view, and remarkable sandstone formation on just one walk through the woods.