Calero County Park

Amazing but true: Calero County Park has ponds and a reservoir. Brendan Bane photo.

Hikers, horses and boaters welcome.

Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

Those golden waves along the Ridge Trail.

High views from oak & meadow trails.

5 Great Wildflower Hikes in the South Bay

Globe lilies in great numbers adorn the Corral and Forest trails in Henry Coe.

It's National Wildflower Week! That means it's time to check out the native blooms that are going off in spite of this tedious drought.

A Bouquet of Nature at Russian Ridge

Tidy tips are recognized by their white outer edges.

A "Bouquet of Flowers" hike at Russian Ridge includes spring wildflowers, birds, butterflies and all the best parts of nature.

Purple Haze: Los Gatos Wildflower Tromp

This right here would be your blue dick. Yeah, we think it's kind of funny too. Lots of these in St. Joseph's Hill OSP right now.

One of the best wildflower hikes in Santa Clara Valley yields a profusion of blossoms in shades of violet and blue.