Calero County Park

Amazing but true: Calero County Park has ponds and a reservoir. Brendan Bane photo.

Hikers, horses and boaters welcome.

Waterfall Loop and Contour Trail

Follow Swanson Creek up the canyon on the Contour Trail. Photo by Christian Yungert.

Follow Swanson's Creek past beautiful waterfalls under dense forest canopy.

Uvas Canyon County Park

Upper Falls is flowing after a rainy winter. Photo by Christian Yungert.

A hidden canyon full of waterfalls.

Butano Was Made for Families

Butano just seems to make kids happy.

Natural play areas and excellent campfire programming make Butano State Park a standout kid-friendly destination.

Gray Whale Cove Trail

Expect ocean views, just not this one. You'll be a bit higher up. Photo by Juliette Spirson.

An easy 3-mile trail with great ocean views.

Gray Whale Cove

A lovely little stretch of sand. Photo by Juliette Spirson.

A sheltered beach and inland trail.

Horseshoe Lake-Fir Knoll Loop

Horseshoe Lake is surrounded by blackbird-filled cattails. Nice.

A short hike at Skyline Open Space Preserve provides a variety of scenery, including a little lake and big ocean views.

Mockingbird Loop Trail

Photo by Jeremy Zawodny/CC.

A pretty loop on the park's north side that climbs to a ridge and back down.

Big Tree Trail

The fire road on the way to the Big Tree. Photo by L. Clark Tate.

A short but steep roadside trail looping through some of the park's most impressive trees.

Heritage Grove Trail

An old-growth redwood in the Heritage Grove at Sam McDonald County Park picks up the light. David McSpadden photo/Creative Commons.

A half-day hike through a redwood grove inherited from an impassioned public to a high ridge lookout.