Eco News

Bird Feeders Attract Non-Native Birds

Photo by particlem / <a href=" " target="_blank">CC</a>

A newly released New Zealand study reveals endangerment of native birds due to a seemingly harmless hobby.

SolarCity To Test Newest Tesla Tech

Tesla Motors headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. Photo by Tumbenhaur / CC

With the newest Tesla battery system, SolarCity customers will be able to power homes and businesses with sustainable energy.

Keep The Fish In The Trees

A juvenile steelhead trout in an Olympic Peninsula creek. Photo by Roger Tabor.

Marine isotopes in redwood forests point to a cosmic salmon-redwood connection.

Climate Change Jeopardizes 1 in 6 Species, Study Finds

Climate change could threaten the American Pika, which lives in mountain regions and requires low temperatures to survive. Photo by Glacier NPS / <a href="" target="_blank">CC</a>

A study in the journal Science published Thursday is sad news for many of the world’s species.

California Officials Cut Habitat Restoration Plans

Aerial view of the Sacramento River Delta. Photo courtesy / <a href="" target="_blank">CC</a>

Habitat restoration reduction could spell trouble for endangered salmon and delta smelt.

Help for The Field Trip

The Marine Science Institute's many field trip programs could reach more kids with the passage of AB988. Photo courtesy Marine Science Institute.

A new outdoor education bill could help kids in California's underserved communities get better access to Nature's classroom.

Chipotle Removes Last of GMOs From Its Food

Sign outside a Chipotle restaurant. Photo by Octavio Ruiz Cervera / <a href=“” target=“ _blank”>CC</a>

Chipotle has made the final changes that take the Denver-based restaurant chain from mostly non-GMO to non-GMO.

The Shake-Up: Human Activity Causing Earthquakes, USGS Finds

Photo courtesy USGS / CC

A new USGS study reveals recent man-made earthquakes across the U.S.

That Stings: Pesticide Harms Wild Bees, Study Finds

A new study has bad news for bees. Photo by Maciej A. Czyzewski / CC

A commonly used pesticide derived from nicotine is proving dangerous to wild bees, according to new research published in the journal Nature.

Crystal Springs Trail Plans Roil The Waters

The Crystal Springs Reservoir and Santa Cruz Mountains. Photo by Pargon on Flickr/CC

San Francisco Supervisors and nature enthusiasts want to expand the trails on the west side of Crystal Springs Reservoir; some conservationists object, citing concerns about wildfire and native habitat.