Eco News

Wildlife Crossings: Good for Deer, Too

Wildlife cam image of a black-tailed deer crossing safely under a  highway courtesy Road Ecology Center.

The number of deer killed on California highways has doubled in the last year. Looks like mountain lions aren't the only animals that stand to benefit from wildlife bridges and underpasses.

Google Trekker Captures California State Parks

Many of the California state parks Google has photographed with its Street View Trekker, including Point Lobos State Reserve, are in or around Big Sur.

The latest Google team isn’t in Silicon Valley. You’re more likely to spot them wearing hiking boots and backpacks equipped with soccer ball-shaped technological contraptions.

The Battle of Martins Beach

The gate to Martins Beach is still locked, despite last week's court order to open it. Image from "Martin's 5: Battle for the Beach,' by The Inertia. (See video below.)

Gov. Brown signs bill calling for Vinod Khosla to negotiate pubic access to Martins Beach or face eminent domain in the wake of last week's Surfrider v. Khosla decision.

Castle Rock Visitor Center Gets Green Light

Reed Holderman of Sempervirens Fund displays an artist's rendering of the new Castle Rock entryway. Mike Kahn photo.

The Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Sempervirens Fund's proposal for a new LEED-certified visitors center for Castle Rock State Park.

Castle Rock Visitor Center: A Welcome Development

The plan to spruce up Castle Rock State Park and attract more visitors, proposed by Sempervirens Fund, reflects new ideas about access.

Santa Cruz B-Ball Star Joins Sempervirens Board

Austin Swift, Santa Cruz High graduate-turned-Google recruiter, is joining the board of Sempervirens Fund.

Santa Cruz native and Google recruiter Aaron Swift joins the board of the state's oldest conservation organization.

Yosemite, The First California State Park

President Roosevelt and John Muir at Glacier Point in 1903. Their impromptu three-day camping trip led to the federal government taking back Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove from the state of California. National Park Service Historic Photo.

On the 150th anniversary of California State Parks, a look back at Yosemite—the place it all began and the one that got away.

UCSC Researchers Have a Mountain Lion Kitten

Mountain lion kitten known as '40F' in the arms of a researcher from the Santa Cruz Puma Project. Photo by Yiwei Wang.

The Santa Cruz Puma Project will study human impact on newborn cougars.