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Fascinating Facts About Mountain Lions

Mountain lion kitten known as '40F' in the arms of a researcher from the Santa Cruz Puma Project. Photo by Yiwei Wang.

Pumas thrive in the mountains above Silicon Valley.

Hugging Trees for Health And Humanity

This guy got the memo about the health benefits of nature. Photo by Dylan Parker/CC.

Science keeps affirming what nature-lovers already know.

Shelley Ratay to Take Helm at Sempervirens Fund

Shelley Ratay, 38, takes the corner office at Sempervirens Fund on April 1.

Sempervirens Fund welcomes Shelley Ratay as its new executive director effective April 1.

Amanda Montez Joins Sempervirens Board

Amanda Montez grew up in Southern California hiking and camping on summer vacations. She joined the Sempervirens Fund Board of Directors last week.

The first Latina to join the Sempervirens Fund Board of Directors has an idea or two about reaching out to underserved communities.

Hello, Silicon Valley!

Yep, we like the view from El Sereno too.

We've been waiting for this for a long time.

Bruce Babbitt on the Santa Cruz Redwoods National Monument

Bruce Babbitt says the Coast Dairies property should be a national monument. And Bruce Babbitt knows national monuments.

On Wednesday, Feb. 11, former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt toured the Coast Dairies property on Santa Cruz’s north coast in advance of his keynote address Thursday at the kickoff event to launch the Santa Cruz Redwoods National Monument campaign. Afterwards Hilltromper visited with Babbitt at the Dream Inn around a table overlooking the wharf, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Monterey Bay.

How To Capture A Mountain Lion

Cajun, a Plott hound, and his two English coonhound counterparts, Sage and Randy, wait for their chance to track a mountain lion.  Brendan Bane photo.

Biology and age-old instinct make hounds the perfect tool to help researchers capture elusive mountain lions. But the practice has come under pressure since the 2012 ban on hunting with dogs.

They Did It!

Laurel Curve will soon see traffic of another variety. Land Trust photo.

With a $1 million fundraising goal 85 percent met, the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County has moved to fulfill a key condition of Caltrans' plan to construct a wildlife crossing under Highway 17.

Protecting Goats and Lions

Chickens, pigs and baby goats in the Santa Cruz Mountains need to be protected from mountain lions and other predators.

Mountain lions get shot for following their instinct to predate. Protecting our small animals can help save the pumas.

Why Does The Puma Cross The Road?

The "McDougal mountain lion," named for property Land Trust seeks to purchase for a wildlife crossing, on Aug. 9. Pathways for Wildlife photo.

The instinct to roam is key to the mountain lion's evolutionary success. Conservationists hope a wildlife crossing under Highway 17 will make the journey less deadly for the pumas of the Santa Cruz Mountains.