Diablo Range

Del Puerto Canyon: From the Earth’s Mantle to Mars in the Devil’s Range

Long referred to as “The Door,” Del Puerto Canyon winds 22 miles through the Diablo Range, connecting the San Joaquin Valley to San Antonio Valley and, eventually, the greater San Francisco Bay area.

Summer Solstice at a California Stonehenge

Jackson Masters watches the solstice sun rise through the Avenue of the Sun.

A journey to the Avenue of the Sun, and evidence that the great oak forests of California are largely the product of thousands of years of Ohlone tree husbandry.

Artifacts & Artists East of Mt. Hamilton

The Artifact in question.

Andy Ruble and I are standing at the mouth of a tight box canyon in a remote area of the Diablo Range. We are 42-year-old men, but, when alone, we still interact in much the same way as those two kids who became instant best friends in second grade.