Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

Tooling around in the great green out-of-doors is increasingly important in a concrete world ruled by screens. In the heart of San Jose’s cityscape local residents and workers find a quick path to peace in the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens. A 2.6-mile river walk with gardens, playgrounds, park benches and public art greet the intrepid city adventures who enter here.

The Guadalupe River Park Conservancy, a California nonprofit corporation, rallies the community to treasure and care for this little slice of the wild life. The group helps formulate master plans, creates education programs, provides promotion and PR and gathers decisionmakers and locals to discuss topics like flood control, thereby connecting public opinion and government action to sustainably manage the resource. As a result, an informed and involved community benefits from this wonderful resource. Visit Guadalupe River Park Conservancy for more information and some pretty pictures.