Peninsula Open Space Trust

Thank goodness, there are a lot of open spaces on the San Francisco Peninsula … like … a lot. Green patches amongst the cityscape link to rolling hills, which rise to forested mountain ridges; it’s pretty fantastic. And pretty impressive that, within such a compressed urban area, so many natural spaces remain. It puts the local standard of living through the roof and provides critical coastal habitat for wildlife restricted to ever-shrinking wild lands.

The Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST)—a California non-profit benefit corporation—works to maintain the network of open spaces, farmlands, and parks in the greater Silicon Valley area including Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz counties. Since 1977 POST has protected over 70,000 acres of open space for recreation, wildlife habitat, local agriculture, to promote clean water and air, and for all those killer views. (They don’t hurt real-estate values one bit). Check out the POST website for more information.