Roosevelt Beach

While very close by neighboring Dunes Beach, Roosevelt Beach is just enough around the bend to have a distinctly different feel.

Here at Roosevelt Beach, people sit instead of run, strum guitar instead of giggle and cuddle instead of tackle. The dunes and the beach are nearly seamless, with multiple trails allowing quick access to the shore. People feel tucked in here. Rope-lined trails wind through the more sparsely vegetated dunes above the beach. Meanwhile the Coastside Trail heads off in either direction and the beach offers plenty of easy walking. Rip currents are a hazard here as well, so be wary.

PROS Mellow vibe and beautiful sand dunes make for a relaxing locale.

CON Can’t do too much in the water here either.

CREATURE COMFORTS toilets, trash cans and lovely seats of soft sand are provided.

—L. Clark Tate

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