The Bird School Project

An SLV Middle School student records his observations for Bird School.

How two college buddies from UC-Santa Cruz turned their passion for natural history into an outlet for middle school students to plug into the great outdoors.

Pescadero State Beach

Big views, big sea, big sky at Pescadero State Beach. Hilltromper photo.

A wild beach and a wilder wetlands

Sequoia Audubon Trail

The wetlands that lie just inland from Pescadero State Beach are pretty easy on the eyes. Be careful, though—the stuff in the foreground is poison oak, and there's lots of it. Hilltromper photo.

Wander through marshes on this one-of-a-kind walk at Pescadero State Beach where nature is king.

Orion ShoreView

Indestructible, inexpensive super-vision glasses.