Green Org

Green Organization Community Members

Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter

Most folks have heard of the Sierra Club, the eco-activism standard founded by famed conservationist John Muir back in 1892.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

Biking is flat out fun. Bike commuting takes cars off congested streets, reduces air pollution and carbon emissions, and lessens parking pressure.

Silicon Valley Land Conservancy

Sadly land can’t save itself. Fortunately land trusts and conservancies, such as the Silicon Valley Land Conservancy, can do it for them. Originally named the Land Trust for Santa Clara County, the non-profit’s mission is to preserve and enhance local ecosystems, wildlife habitat, and open spaces, including agricultural and recreational areas.

Silicon Valley Mountain Bikers

Quick access to killer recreation is one of the reasons the bay area is so singular. The myriad open spaces provides ample trails for excellent mountain biking. But, in an area where loads of locals collide on their post-work workout, who decides how local public lands, and the trails running through them, are used? Usually, it’s whoever shows up at meetings.

South Bay Mountain Bike Group

Rippers seeking rippers in the South Bay: The South Bay Mountain Bike Group is a great place to meet and greet fellow fat-tire enthusiasts.

Sempervirens Fund

Castle Rock State Park, designated in 1968, forms a vital piece of the Great Park envisioned by Sempervirens Fund. Photo by Phillippe Cohen.

The Folks Who Brought You Big Basin Specialists in preserving Santa Cruz Mountains redwoods, Sempervirens Fund is reassembling a Great Park from Silicon Valley to the Pacific Ocean. Join the effort now!

Volunteers for Outdoor California

The beauty and accessibility of California public lands is easy to take for granted, but they don’t stay that way on their own. Since government budgets and employees are perpetually overloaded, one saving grace keeps these beloved parks safe and fun for the public while preserving wildlife habitat for the critters: volunteers.